06/05/2015 - 07/05/2015
Course on "Lexicometry and Discourse analysis"[disponible en anglès]

09/06/2015 - 10/06/2015
ICTA Seminar: "Paisajes urbanos, movimientos urbanos sociales y valores medioambientales"[disponible en anglès]


Course on "Lexicometry and Discourse analysis"

Del 06/05/2015 al 07/05/2015

Next 6-7 of May 2015 Gäel Plumecocq, fellow researcher at the French Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), will offer a 2 day course on "Lexicometry and Discourse analysis" at ICTA-UAB, within the framework of ENTITLE project. Find attached a brief summary and the agenda of the course.


Col·laboradors: Marina Utgés Serra

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