V International conference on Life Cycle Assessment – CILCA 2013

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Between March 24 and 27, 2013, the V International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in Latin-America will be held in Mendoza, Argentina.

The conference provides an international forum to share experiences on Life Cycle Thinking and the related tools. CILCA Conferences has been the most important and relevant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) event for the Latin American Region. This geographical region is one of the richest places of the world in natural resources (such as freshwater, glaciers and minerals), terrestrial and aquatic biological diversity, and forests. This scenario allows to actively use methodological tools and commercial mechanisms related to sustainable consumption and production. Therefore, the advances toward the implementation of green economy in Latin America could significantly contribute to climate change mitigation and the sustainability of the life in our planet.

It is with great pleasure that the National Technological University of Mendoza (UTN FRM), the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, the Iberoamerican network on Life Cycle Asssessment and the International Scientific and Organizing Committee extend an open invitation for you to join and be an active participant.

- Program

The scientific program of CILCA 2013 will include plenary sessions with recognized keynote speakers from Industry, NGOs, Academia and UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, and parallel specific sessions covering the following:

· Sustainable resource management

· Life Cycle Management (LCM) and Eco-efficiency

· LCA & Sustainable cities

· LCA & Rural development

· Design for sustainability

· Waste management and recycling

· Social responsibility and life cycle sustainability assessment

· Industrial ecology

· Green economy and Sustainable Policies

· Ecolabelling, Environmental Product Declarations Type III (PCR/EPD) and green purchasing

· Carbon and Water footprints

· Life Cycle Costing

· LCA case studies

· Education and Capability development

· Life Cycke Inventories (LCI) & LCA databases

· Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)

Participants will be welcomed to the inaugural session to be held on March 24th. Short-courses will be offered also, focusing on the different Life Cycle components (Social, Costing and Environmental), footprint metrics (water, carbon) and related software tools. Other specific meetings concerning regional networking and the organization of the next CILCA are also planned

- Languages of the conference

Official languages of the conference will be English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and provision has been made for oral presentations to be translated where applicable.

- Call for papers

The deadline for abstract submission and poster presentation has been set for 15th July 2012. Abstracts can be submitted in any of the three official conference languages, but the authors should provide an english version after acceptance. Abstracts must follow the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment format (http://www.springer.com/environment/journal/11367).

When submitting an abstract, the authors should indicate whether they intend to make an oral or a poster presentation. For poster presentations only the abstract is required. For oral presentation, after the acceptation of the abstract a full paper should be submitted, following the instructions provided on the conference’s site. The scientific committee will take the final decision regarding the acceptation as oral or poster presentation, based on the paper’s quality, originality and relevance.

The three best papers will be selected for submission to the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

- Important dates
Abstract submission: before 15th July 2012

· Notification of acceptance: 30th August 2012

· Submission of the english version of accepted abstracts (*): 15th September

· Full paper submission (only for oral presentations): 15th October 2012

· Notification of acceptance for oral presentations: 30th November 2012

· Conference Dates: March 24-27, 2013

(*) Only for abstracts initially submitted in portuguese or spanish

- Student Technical Poster Contest

Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Poster Competition. Committees of distinguished members of the LCA community will evaluate entries, and the best undergraduate poster and the best graduate poster will be awarded. More information will be available on the conference’s site.

- Conference sustainable responsability

We know that a conference is a cause of environmental damage. To be coherent with the aims of the conference, we are fully committed to minimize the environmental impact of our activity, and to support the principles of sustainable development, reducing emissions and discharges and promoting the rational use of resources and efficiency. We would like to share the sustainability goals of the event with participants and encourage them to contribute to help achieve these goals.

- Location

The symposium will take place in Mendoza (Argentina), located in the mid-western region known as Cuyo. The city, located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, is a frequent stopover for climbers on their way to Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere) and an all-seasons destination for adventure travelers, climbers, hikers, skiers, rafters, bikers, paragliders, trekkers and of course, wine lovers. It is 1050 km to the west of the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires and 200 km away from the Chilean border. Two main roads intercept Mendoza by land, National Route 40, which crosses Argentina from north to south, and International Route 7, also called “Bioceanic corridor” that crosses the country from east to west connecting Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile.

Surrounded by a mixture of arid and semiarid landscapes, the city of Mendoza and its rural outskirts have been turned into a fertile oasis, sustained by the melting of glaciers and snow and manmade dams, channels and drains. The climate is dry, but pleasant and temperate. Also called “The land of sun and good wine, is one of nine cities worldwide in the network of Great Capitals of Wine, and is an emerging wine tourism destination and base for exploring the hundreds of wineries in the region.

As a city with 1.5 million inhabitants, Mendoza offers a wide array of dining and cultural options. International food can be found at hotels, while regional specialties are served at small typical and traditional restaurants, and good low-cost meals can also be found. Entertainment and cultural choices are varied and abundant, with a considerable amount of theaters, museums, art galleries, cinemas and casinos. Many Mendocinean plazas harbor traditional arts and crafts markets, sheltered by the large trees that dominate the city’s landscape.

- Sponsoring Information

We expect to receive about 250 – 350 participants from universities, companies, research institutes, NGOs and authorities, coming from different countries and regions in the world. By sponsoring CILCA 2013 you will be able to promote your products between them, and to reach thousands of potential customers including your logo in the conference material, which will be spread by e-mail at international level. Enhance the visibility of your company by being promoted together with the conference.

More details will be published soon on the website www.cilca2013.org

For more information, please contact us at: cilca2013@gmail.com

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