28/11/2014 - 28/11/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “The Water Metabolism of Socio-ecosystems. Epistemology, Methods and Applications”

28/11/2014 - 28/11/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Evaluating Submarine Groundwater Discharge to the Mediterranean Sea by Using Ra Isotopes”

03/12/2014 - 03/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Socio-economics of Aquatic Bioinvasions in Catalonia: Reflexive Science for Management Support”

22/10/2014 - 05/12/2014
Properes conferències i activitats divulgatives de Martí Boada

05/12/2014 - 05/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Alternatives to Money-As-Usual in Ecological Economics: A Study of Local Currencies and 100 Percent Reserve Banking”

05/12/2014 - 05/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Biomarkers of Bento-pelagic Coupling in Antarctica: a Spatial-temporal Comparison in the Weddell Sea”

05/12/2014 - 05/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Making Sense of Corporate Social Responsibility in Danish and Spanish Frontrunners”

11/12/2014 - 11/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Industrial Shrimp Aquaculture and Mangrove Ecosystems: a Multidimensional Analysis of a Socio-Environmental Conflict in Brazil”

11/12/2014 - 11/12/2014
LECTURA DE TESI DOCTORAL: “Environmentalism of the Dispossessed: Mapping Ecologies of Resistance”


Eco-eco seminar series - "Democracy and degrowth. A case study of the indignados movement"

Del 27/06/2012 al 27/06/2012

Viviana Asara (PhD candidate at ICTA-UAB)

14:00 - 15:30h - room Q4/1003 (Escola d'Enginyeria building).

My research focuses on ecological democracy conceptualizations within the degrowth paradigm and more generally political ecology. A part of the presentation will specifically focus on a paper recently accepted to the academic journal Environmental Values. The latter is a critique of democracy conceptions of two degrowth authors, Serge Latouche and Takis Fotopoulos, framed with reference to the work of an author that is generally depicted as being one of the main sources of inspiration of the degrowth movement, Cornelius Castoriadis.
Additionally, preliminary scoping research will be presented of a case study on the indignados movement in Barcelona, undertaken with the objective to understand how the ecological issues are framed, and how this articulation relate to conceptions and practices of democracy by the movement.

Viviana Asara is a PhD candidate at ICTA-UAB and is currently undertaking research on degrowth and democracy, with a case study on the indignados movement in Barcelona. She holds an MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, a master’s degree in Political Science (International Relations) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, both from the Università di Bologna. For her MPhil dissertation she has been working for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, doing research on birds diversity and agriculture, while she studied the effect of Foreign Direct Investment on development in Brazil for her Italian master. She is currently working with J. Martinez-Alier, G. Kallis and F. Schneider for the European project RESPONDER (, focused on the contradictions between economic growth and sustainable consumption, for which a Knowledge Brokerage Event on Sustainable Housing has been organized in Barcelona in March 2012 (two other conferences will be organized in Barcelona and Brussels in 2013 and 2014).

Col·laboradors: Isabelle Anguelovski

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