International Workshop - Evaluating Forest Conservation Initiatives New Tools and Policy Needs.

Del 10/12/2013 al 12/12/2013

Workshop co-organised by ICTA. Barcelona, 10-12 December, 2013.


This workshop will bring together advanced research teams and policy makers to review and discuss innovative methodological strategies to evaluate forest conservation policy instruments, such as protected areas, community forest management, payments for ecosystem services (PES) schemes, forest tenure reform, and regulatory enforcement, among others. The workshop responds to the need for:

• Improved methods for the evaluation of conservation policies.
• Improved coordination among research teams experimenting with new spatial tools and matching estimators.
• Improved integration of quantitative and qualitative research approaches in order to link impact evaluation to an impact pathway assessment i.e. “theory-based impact evaluation”.
• Informing forest conservation stakeholders about best practices in policy evaluation and their potential for improving conservation policy design and implementation.
• A more nuanced understanding of the limits to quantitative assessments of conservation policy effectiveness when data and scale issues are considered.
• Assessing the real capacity (and limits) for new tools to generate reliable impact assessments depending on the policies under scrutiny.

Target audience and participation

The workshop targets individual or groups of researchers involved in ongoing research on forest conservation policy evaluation. A dozen of researchers have been invited to report on new and unpublished work (see programme attached). A group of selected policy makers and donor representatives have been invited to participate in both the technical debate and a subsequent "policy-informed/informing" day open to the general public. For registration to the third day of the event, please contact Ms. Vanesa Rodriguez at: vanesa@uni-bonn.de

Col·laboradors: Esteve Corbera Elizalde

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