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The undelivered promises of the Clean Development Mechanism: insights from three projects in Mexico.

2012, Carbon Management - número/volum 3(1) - Pàgines 39-54 - DOI 10.4155/cmt.11.74

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Esteve Corbera Elizalde

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Corbera, E., Jover, N.

To understand Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) governance processes and discuss projects’ contribution to their dual aim of reducing emissions and promoting sustainable development, we investigate the case of Mexico; the fourth largest CDM recipient country, with a project portfolio dominated by methane avoidance and landfill gas initiatives, and to a lesser extent by wind energy projects. Results: The country’s CDM portfolio results from the interplay of private actors’ entrepreneurship with supportive government-led institutions and regulatory frameworks that favor project development. Analyzing the performance of three representative projects, we demonstrate that the existence of conflicting public–private partnerships, the lack of participatory project design approaches and ineffective technology and knowledge-transfer mechanisms have limited the provision of significant environmental and socioeconomic benefits.

CDM outcomes cannot be anticipated unless a detailed and contextualized analysis of governance at national and local scales is undertaken.

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