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How to Be Heard When Nobody Wants to Listen: Community Action against Mining in Argentina

2010, CANADIAN JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES - número/volum 1-2/30 - ISSN: 0225-5189 - Pàgines 281-303 - DOI 10.1080/02255189.2010.9669292

Autors de l'ICTA:
Joan Martínez Alier, Mariana Walter

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Mariana Walter & Joan Martinez-Alier

Since 2002, Argentina has witnessed a growing number of mining conflicts. While national and provincial governments promote mining as a basis for development, local communities have opposed and acted to prevent it. Between 2003 and 2008, 7 out of 23 provinces banned open-pit metal mining, thus challenging the institutional framework that promotes it. These challenges, moreover, began during a period of high unemployment. Why are communities opposed to an activity that could benefit local development? This article argues that these communities are demanding recognition for local visions of development that are not compatible with mining—and that cannot be adequately accommodated by current decision-making processes.

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