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2015 The Walkable city and the importance of the proximity environments for Barcelona’s everyday mobility[disponible en anglès]

2014 What Defines Quality of Life? The Gap Between Public Policies and Locally Defined Indicators Among Residents of Kodagu, Karnataka (India)[disponible en anglès]

2014 Resilience of traditional knowledge systems: The case of agricultural knowledge in home gardens of the Iberian Peninsula[disponible en anglès]

2014 Social Equity Matters in Payments for Ecosystem Services[disponible en anglès]

Migration, invasion and decline: changes in recruitment and forest structure in a warming-linked shi

2007, ECOGRAPHY - número/volum 30 - Pàgines 829-837 - DOI null

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Martí Boada Juncà

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Penuelas J (Penuelas, Josep), Ogaya R (Ogaya, Roma), Boada M (Boada, Marti), Jump AS (Jump, Alistair S.)

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