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2015 The unresolved controversy over nuclear power: A new approach from complexity theory[disponible en anglès]

2015 Triggering Community Conservation Through the Trade of Carbon Offsets: The Case of the Ejido Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico[disponible en anglès]

2015 Boron isotope evidence for oceanic carbon dioxide leakage during the last deglaciation[disponible en anglès]

2015 Valuing nature, paying for ecosystem services and realizing social justice: A response to Matulis (2014)[disponible en anglès]

Tsimane children's contribution to household subsistence

2008, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN BIOLOGY - número/volum 20 - Pàgines 213-213 - DOI null

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Victoria Reyes-García

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Aiello MO (Aiello, M. O.), Leonard WR (Leonard, W. R.), McDade TW (McDade, T. W.), Godoy RA (Godoy, R. A.), Reyes-Garcia V (Reyes-Garcia, V.), Vadez V (Vadez, V.), Huanca T (Huanca, T.)

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