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2015 Widespread salinification of the north Pacific ocean during the last glacial termination[disponible en anglès]

2015 Participation dynamics and institutional change in the Scolel Té carbon forestry project, Chiapas, Mexico[disponible en anglès]

2015 An environmental and economic life cycle assessment of rooftop greenhouse (RTG) implementation in Barcelona, Spain. Assessing new forms of urban agriculture from the greenhouse structure to the final product level[disponible en anglès]

2015 Integrating Horticulture into Cities: A Guide for Assessing the Implementation Potential of Rooftop Greenhouses (RTGs) in Industrial and Logistics Parks[disponible en anglès]

A unique assemblage of epibenthic sessile suspension feeders with archaic features in the high-Antar

2006, DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY - número/volum 53 - Pàgines 1029-1052 - DOI null

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Sergio Rossi

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Gili JM (Gili, Josep-Maria), Arntz WE (Arntz, Wolf E.), Palanques A (Palanques, Albert), Orejas C (Orejas, Covadonga), Clarke A (Clarke, Andrew), Dayton PK (Dayton, Paul K.), Isla E (Isla, Enrique), Teixido N (Teixido, Nuria), Rossi S (Rossi, Sergio), Lopez-Gonzalez PJ (Lopez-Gonzalez, Pablo J.)

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