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2014 Changing the intellectual climate[disponible en anglès]

2014 Local participation in biodiversity conservation initiatives: A comparative analysis of different models in South East Mexico[disponible en anglès]

2014 Cognisance, participation and protected areas in the Yucatan Peninsula[disponible en anglès]

2014 Eco-innovative Practices for Sustainable Consumption and Production: What are the Possible Benefits for Companies?[disponible en anglès]

A unique assemblage of epibenthic sessile suspension feeders with archaic features in the high-Antar

2006, DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY - número/volum 53 - Pàgines 1029-1052 - DOI null

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Sergio Rossi

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Gili JM (Gili, Josep-Maria), Arntz WE (Arntz, Wolf E.), Palanques A (Palanques, Albert), Orejas C (Orejas, Covadonga), Clarke A (Clarke, Andrew), Dayton PK (Dayton, Paul K.), Isla E (Isla, Enrique), Teixido N (Teixido, Nuria), Rossi S (Rossi, Sergio), Lopez-Gonzalez PJ (Lopez-Gonzalez, Pablo J.)

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