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27/07/2015 Towards Green Cities. International Congress, Mérida México. 15, 16 y 17 de febrero 2016 [disponible en castellà]

24/07/2015 Federico Demaria defensa el Decreixement Econòmic en una entrevista a Barcelona Televisió (BTV)

17/07/2015 Anna Petit Boix (Sostenipra research group) - 3rd place at CILCA's Best Poster Awards [disponible en anglès]

16/07/2015 Federico Demaria parla de la teoria del decreixement al programa Divendres de TV3

13/07/2015 Jeroen van den Bergh is at position 12 of economists in Spain, in the ranking offered by IDEAS/REPEC [disponible en anglès]

10/07/2015 Premi al millor poster per "Rooftop farming: an opportunity towards urban sustainability?" de l''investigadora Esther Sanyé del grup Sostenipra al congrés de l'ISIE

09/07/2015 "Rooftop farming: The next steps for development", new in the last newsletter of Science for Environment Policy service (European Commission). [disponible en anglès]

05/07/2015 La Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera convoca una beca per cursar el Màster en Estudis Interdisciplinaris en Sostenibilitat Ambiental, Econòmica i Social durant el proper curs 2015-2016

03/07/2015 Edifici ICTA-ICP, guanyador premi d'Opinió d'Arquitectura FAD Barcelona 2015

03/07/2015 Andrea Cardoso, ICTA-UAB, gets the prize for The Best Student Paper at the meeting of the ESEE, Leeds, July 2015 [disponible en anglès]

01/07/2015 Summer School in July 2015 on Degrowth and Environmental Justice [disponible en anglès]

Andrea Cardoso, ICTA-UAB, gets the prize for The Best Student Paper at the meeting of the ESEE, Leeds, July 2015

Andrea Cardoso gests the prize for The Best Student Paper, at the meeting of the European Society for Ecological Economics Conference, Leeds, July 2015. Her paper is titled: “Behind the life cycle of coal: Socio-environmental liabilities of coal mining in Cesar, Colombia”.

Open-pit coal mining in Cesar, Colombia increased by 74% between 2000 and 2012, generating environmental and social damages unacknowledged by companies and the state. This study aims to identify and value socio-environmental liabilities from coal mining at different stages of the coal life cycle. Environmental liabilities can be operationalized under three types of responsibilities: moral, legal, and economic. The identification of environmental liabilities allocates moral responsibility; the legal responsibility is needed for effective reparation; and the economic valuation provides arguments to claim compensation, seek remediation, and mitigation of damages. To identify socio-environmental liabilities, interviews were conducted and environmental mining conflicts were analyzed. To estimate monetary values, data were linked to existing literature on costs associated with damages. Results show that the economic values of socio-environmental liabilities per ton of extracted and exported coal are higher than the market price of coal. The main socio-environmental liabilities arise from pollution, local health deterioration, water table depletion, land and ecosystem services losses, damages from transportation and shipping, and coal reserve loss. A comparison with studies in China and the United States indicates that values increase when other health impacts and climate change on a global scale are included.

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