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Ecological Economics from the Ground Up

2012 - Editorial: Earthscan-Routledge - ISBN:978-1849713993- Pags 522

Autors de l'ICTA:
Julien-François Gerber, Hali Healy, Joan Martínez Alier, Leah Temper, Mariana Walter

Tots els autors':
Hali Healy, Joan Martinez-Alier, Leah Temper, Mariana Walter, Julien-Francois Gerber

'Ecological Economics from the Ground Up' takes a unique and much-needed bottom-up approach to teaching ecological economics and political ecology, using case studies that focus on a wide range of internationally relevant topics, to teach the principles, concepts, methods and tools of these fields, which are seen as increasingly important in the context of the current triple social, economic and environmental crisis.

This book provides learning materials which are grounded in the experience of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), with case studies chosen by CSOs and developed collaboratively with leading ecological economists. The case studies come from Europe, India, Latin America, and Africa, and are presented thematically along three lines: 1) social metabolism and accounting methods, 2) institutions and participation, and 3) valuation and environmental policy tools. Core tools and concepts are embedded in topics chosen as a matter of urgency by activist organizations, related to mining and fossil fuel extraction, integrated transport infrastructure development, deforestation and agro-fuel production, sustainable tourism, waste management, wetlands and water management, payments for ecosystem services, natural disasters and hazards, and corporate accountability.

'Ecological Economics from the Ground Up' has been designed to be an accessible learning aid for students of the sustainability sciences and for those CSOs that have recognised the value that ecological economics and political ecology tools and methods hold for their research and advocacy work.

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CEECEC. Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics., EJOLT. Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade

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