Ethemcan Turhan

Ethemcan Turhan is a Ph.D. candidate in Ecological Economics and Integrated Assessment Research Group at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) in Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). He is an environmental engineer by training and holds a B.Sc. from Middle East Technical University, Turkey (2008). Following his bachelor studies, Ethemcan has worked for UNDP in Turkey as a project assistant on climate change and sustainable rural development projects. He has finished his M.Sc. in ICTA‐UAB in 2009, specializing on climate change and global change. Started 2010, his doctoral research focuses on social vulnerability of migrant seasonal agricultural worker communities in Turkey through the lens of biopolitics of adaptation governance and value-based adaptation to climate change. Ethemcan is a recipient of 3-year FI-DGR 2011 doctoral scholarship from Generalitat de Catalunya and a recent alumnus of Brown University International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI 2012). Ethemcan recently joined onboard a project coordinated by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency for reviewing certain chapters of IPCC 5th AR by PhD Students around the world.

His main research interests are international climate change regime, adaptation, maladaptation, ecological conflicts, environmental movements, migration and human security.

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