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INVALUABLE - Valuations, Markets and Policies for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Inici projecte: 01/01/2012 - Fi projecte: 31/12/2014

Codi :PO610311 / CC: I073000

Abstract:- Clarify the nature and meaning of the heterogeneous group of MBIs (including Payments for Environmental Services as a broad category)
- Inform stakeholders, including decision makers, about the relevance (or conversely) of using MBIs with associated strengths and weaknesses
- Provide an analysis of the emergence of MBIs in societal discourses in relation with their theoretical foundations
- Research the impacts of their implementation on agents’ motivations, institutional arrangements, environmental efficiency, social equity, legitimacy, reinforcement of environmental public policies
- Investigate the use of scientific information (e.g. economic valuations) for decision making and especially through existing Science-Policy Interface bodies
- Study the role of legal / institutional frameworks in improving the use of scientific information and other types of knowledge for MBIs.

Investigador/s responsable/s: Esteve Corbera Elizalde

Personal relacionat: Laura Calvet Mir

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