Fundación BBVA, ECOMERCADOS, 2004-07. Relationships between the Institutional Framework and the Functioning of Environmental Markets for Water Services of Forests in Central America.

Inici projecte: 01/01/2004 - Fi projecte: 31/12/2007

Codi : 122337

Abstract: Water is literally a matter of death or life. The international community highlighted this idea during the Johannesburg Summit 2002, where it was agreed that amongst the priority goals for development in the Millennium it is the improvement of the availability and quality of the water resources of Earth. It is estimated that a fifth of the world’s human population does not have access to drinking water and half of the population does not have any kind of health system. During the last century the use of water has grown six times. There has been a general detriment on the biological conditions of the water sources at global scale, and of the terrestrial ecosystems where the aquatic component plays a fundamental role. For example, it is estimated that half of the world’s wetland has disappeared during the last 100 years. The sustainable management of the water resources has an important multiplier effect on the development of the poorest regions in the world, improving the health, reducing child mortality and promoting economic growth by improving the availability of water to be used in agriculture, industries and cities. Moreover, an adequate management of water sources may reduce the probability of armed conflicts in the arid regions.

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Entitat financiera: Fundación BBVA

Investigador/s responsable/s: Joan Martínez Alier

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